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    Live & Unscripted SUNDRESS Sessions

    • Live & Unscripted Day 1 AM

    • Live & Unscripted Day 1 PM

    • Live & Unscripted Day 2

    • Live & Unscripted Day 3

    • Live & Unscripted Day 4

    • Live & Unscripted Day 5

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    Photo gallery

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the Sundress quilt

a series of lectures recorded LIVE

I invite you, virtually, into my studio to watch "over my shoulder" as I give the custom treatment to a hand-embroidered quilt.

I'm quilting LIVE, and in real time, and chatting about all the choices and decisions that arise as I go.  

Topics that are covered include (but aren't limited to):

  • loading the quilt
  • perimeter and interior basting
  • thread choices
  • double batting
  • anchoring areas
  • burying thread ends
  • borders
  • fine fills
  • organizing quilting ideas/inspiration
  • quilting over/around embroidery
  • keeping the quilt square and straight
  • my favorite tools 

There are over 12 hours of recording, broken into 6 sessions. Again, it's not a formal class format, but I talk, as I'm doing it, through ALL the steps of this custom quilted project.

Deciding what to quilt in each border?

When do I need to undo/re-do or is it good enough?

Keeping quilting ideas accessible?

All these, and more, are addressed as I work my way through this quilt.

Also included is access to a gallery of over 50 photos, both in-progress, and completed quilt shots.

The quilt pattern is SUNDRESS by Meg Hawkey

Ready to dive in?

Beautiful quilting and practical how-to steps await you!