Feeling the need for quilting support?

It's at your fingertips!

Machine quilting can be very solitary, especially on a longarm. It's just not that easy to pack up your machine and head to a friend's house for the day, right? But it's important to have that community - that sharing of ideas and tips, encouragement and motivation.

Introducing ADVANCE

a membership for quilters who want to learn...grow...and advance their skill and confidence

Each month I'll deliver at least 2 of the following:
  • a new freehand design drawn and demo-ed (may delve into more custom ideas)
  • guest teacher
  • case studies
  • Q and A session (delivered LIVE and recorded)
  • quiltalong of a project (delivered LIVE and recorded)
  • additional categories may be added in future

In addition, you'll have access to a community of quilters sharing their growth, their questions and dilemmas, and their transformations.



  • How is this different from your Freehand Quilting Masterclass?

    Every design in the membership is new and unique from the Masterclass. It's intended to be shorter, independent lessons, where the Masterclass is an intensive exploration of practice techniques and design principles along with the quilting designs.

  • Is there any custom quilting included?

    Yes! While my focus is still on freehand work, the membership will include custom ideas and projects.

  • Is there a minimum time required?

    Nope. You may cancel at any time.

  • Is Facebook required?

    No, the Facebook group will host conversations, as well as tips and prompts, but it's entirely optional. All the lesson content will be here on Thinkific.